• Export iOS application material

    Export resource files and icons.

    Make iOS PNG images viewable on Mac.

  • Create icons

    Transform artwork images into beautiful rounded icons with shadows, glows and strokes.
    Even the iOS 7 icon shape is supported.

  • Quick Look iOS applications

    See iOS applications with awesome thumbnails in the Finder.

    Display full-size application icon in the Preview Panel.

  • Designing or developing iOS applications? Crunch is a simple yet powerful utility to extract the content of iOS application files (.ipa or .app) and to make nifty icons easy-peasy. But that's not all.
  • Crunch Tour

    Drag&Drop | Simply drag one or more applications onto Crunch, then export them with one click.
    Export Application resources.
    Create images from icons.
    With Quick Look, see your iOS applications with awesome thumbnails.
    Use the Zoom Slider to reveal all the crazy details in the icons.
  • All Features

    Export iOS application material

    • Export all the resource files.
    • Export bundled icons.
    • Reverse the optimization on PNG images and preview them on your Mac.
    • Batch operations: Drop a folder of applications onto Crunch to export them all.
    • Export options: keeps the folders hierarchy, only export the highest definition images (retina).
    • Smart filters to export some kinds of files: images, media, bundled icons.
    • Bundled icons can be rounded automatically at the perfect radius.
    • Note: For apps built for iOS 7: image resources may be lacking because they are packaged in a private asset catalog. Unfortunately, there is no public APIs to access to this catalog.

    Make icons

    • Make icons from iOS Applications or from raw artwork images.
    • Create icons from 16 pixels to 1024 pixels.
    • Style Presets — original flat icon with or without rounded corners, decorated: icons rendered with shadows, glows and strokes.
    • Use iOS 6 or iOS 7 style icon. iOS 7 superellipse shape is supported.
    • Export icons assets in all the required sizes for the application bundle.
  • They talk about Crunch

    Federico Viticci, MacStories – Crunch does one thing very well, and I’m sure it can become an invaluable tool for anyone who designs and develops for iOS and wants to “know more” about apps and how they’re created, at least from a graphical standpoint.
    Jacob Penderworth, Mac.AppStorm – 10/10. Extracting the contents of an iOS app can be confusing, but this app makes it effortless.
    Tim Van Damme, @2x – A great way to learn how to design for mobile is by examining other apps. Even better is looking at the resource files and how they’ve been sliced.
    • Requirements

      Crunch requires Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher.

      For OS X Lion (10.7), Xcode 4 is needed to revert iOS-optimized PNGs for normal viewing.

      You can download Xcode 4 from the Mac App Store for free.

    • How to buy?

      Crunch is only offered on this website via FastSpring. The app is not available on the Mac App Store. You can check our terms and conditions here.

    • Support

      E-mail us anytime at and we'll be happy to help. We may take a business day to respond because we work after our full-time jobs.